The Mel Brooks Blogathon Arrives!- Day Three

Day Three of the Mel Brooks Blogathon has arrived!  Below are the entries that have been submitted so far (the list will be updated as entries come in; click here for the original blogathon announcement and roster, here for Day One of the blogathon, and here for Day Two of the blogathon).  Click on the links, enjoy, and, of course, wish the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Award-winning Mel Brooks a very happy 90th birthday if you haven’t already!  Once again, thank you Mel for the decades of laughs you’ve provided to the world.

The Midnite Drive-In: Blazing Saddles
Snarkmaiden: The Twelve Chairs
Movierob: Dracula: Dead and Loving It
Life vs Film: Young Frankenstein
Carly Hearts Movies: Blazing Saddles
Defiant Success: Young Frankenstein
Phyllis Loves Classic Movies: Robin Hood: Men In Tights

10 responses to “The Mel Brooks Blogathon Arrives!- Day Three

  1. Hi Louis. Sorry I’m commenting roughly three hours later but here it is 🙂

  2. Sorry for being so close to the wire with this, I just posted my Young Frankenstein review.

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  4. my final review just went up! Tnx! this was fun regardless of what I thought of the films i chose 🙂

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