Announcing the Mel Brooks Blogathon!

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Mel Brooks is one of the greatest comedic filmmakers of all time, having made many classic comedies, most of which spoofed a particular film or genre.  From The Producers to Young Frankenstein to Spaceballs, Brooks has left an incredible legacy in the worlds of comedy and cinema.  June 28th marks Brooks’ 90th birthday, and what better way to honor him than with an entire blogathon dedicated to his films.

Here are my guidelines for this blogathon:

  • For the purposes of this blogathon, let’s keep the focus mainly on reviews of feature films directed by Brooks for the big screen (I will make an exception for anyone who wants to submit a post on the To Be Or Not To Be remake he produced and starred in).  These must also be brand new posts (no recycling of old posts).
  • If you would like to suggest a film-related topic, however, involving Mel Brooks (for example: a comparison of two of his films and how they’re similar, a commentary on the genres he spoofed, etc.), you may submit it in the comments section below (if it’s blogathon-worthy, I’ll approve it).
  • Since Brooks only directed 11 films, two duplicates per title will be allowed (except for The Twelve Chairs, which I will be covering; one other blogger will be allowed to pick this title).  If you’re having difficulty in choosing a film, please check here.
  • To submit your choice, please include your name, the name of your blog, your blog URL, and your choice in the comments section below.  I will update this post as often as possible with the latest roster additions.
  • Once your submission is confirmed, please choose one of the banners below and use it on your blog to promote this event.  Don’t forget to spread the word to your fellow bloggers as well as on Twitter, Facebook, etc. (use the hashtag #MelBrooksBlogathon; it would be most appreciated).

the mel brooks blogathon 01 the mel brooks blogathon 02 the mel brooks blogathon 03 the mel brooks blogathon 04

The blogathon will take place from Tuesday Jun. 28th through Thursday Jun. 30th.  You can post your entry on your blog on any of those days (or slightly ahead of time if you wish).  Just let me know by posting a link below in the comments section and I will post a blogathon update for each day (and for those of you on Twitter, I will retweet your blogathon post tweets).

I hope I’ve covered everything, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask me.  Otherwise, have fun and I look forward to reading your posts!

The Mel Brooks Blogathon Roster:

The Cinematic Frontier: The Twelve Chairs & Spaceballs High Anxiety
Movie Movie Blog Blog: Silent Movie
Carly Hearts Movies: Blazing Saddles
The Midnite Drive-In: Blazing Saddles
Moon In Gemini: The Producers (1967)
Defiant Success: Young Frankenstein
Phyllis Loves Classic Movies: Robin Hood: Men In Tights
Outspoken and Freckled: Mel Brooks Career Overview
Critica Retro: History of the World Part 1
B Noir Detour: High Anxiety
Pop Culture Reverie: The Producers (1967)
Life vs Film: Young Frankenstein
Snarkmaiden: The Twelve Chairs
Movierob: Life Stinks, Robin Hood: Men In Tights, & Dracula: Dead and Loving It


63 responses to “Announcing the Mel Brooks Blogathon!

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  2. Hi! I’d love to join and submit something on TO BE OR NOT TO BE, which Brooks produced and co-stars in, but didn’t direct. I hope that’s acceptable, but if not let me know.


    Once Upon a Screen

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  8. Hi Louis. Sadly I have to back out of the blogathon due to conflicting schedules and not being able to get the movie in time. I’m sorry, and I promise that I’ll make up for it with your next blogathon.

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  10. anything still available?

  11. Hello! I’m Lindsay, since you’re allowing another blog to do “The Twelve Chairs,” I’d love to take it on! I’m at and 🙂

  12. I see that I late to just put in for Silent Movie, and since my blog Silent Wierdness is basically a silent blog (early talkies sometime), so I guess I’m out of luck. I do often write posts on “The Silent Image or Concept in Modern Film.” Don’t know if that would be a different approach to Silent Movie that would be acceptable or not. Looks like you guys are in for some serious fun here!

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  14. Please put me down for the 2nd reviewer of Young Frankenstein. Jay Cluitt from LifeVsFilm ( and the LAMB (

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  16. Can you put me down as the second person to do Silent Movie, thanks x

    BTW would love to invite you to my Darlin’ Dallasers Blogathon, details on the same page x

  17. Robin Franson Pruter

    Could I do THE PRODUCERS?

  18. How did I miss this blogathon! I’m a huge Mel Brooks fan. But since my blog is noir, may I write on noir homage in High Anxiety?

  19. Hi Louis. Would “The Elephant Man” be acceptable? I would love to write about that.

  20. Please add me for History of the World: Part I
    I’m Le from the blog Critica Retro.

  21. Could I do an overview of Mel Brooks body of work as a director? If not, I’d like to pick History of the World Part 1. Just let me know! Thanks!…. Kellee Pratt Outspoken & Freckled,

  22. I see no one’s picked Robin Hood Men in Tights yet! My blog is . Can I compare it to the 1938 Robin Hood (since my blog is technically a pre-1970s blog). It won’t be a full blown comparison though, just a few scenes/elements.

  23. Ooh, may I do Young Frankenstein please? I’m Anna of Defiant Success (

  24. I swore I was going to stop signing up for blogathons, but I can’t resist a Mel Brooks event! Please put me down for The Producers.

    My blog is Moon in Gemini:

  25. Can I snag that second posting for Blazing Saddles?

    Quiggy from The Midnite Drive-In

  26. Hey there!! I’m Carly of and I call dibs on Blazing Saddles. A classic!

  27. I’d like to do Silent Movie, please!

  28. This sounds great!

    My name is Sean Munger, my blog is at, and I would like to do “High Anxiety.” I look forward to this!

  29. I mean, Louis! Sorry, didn’t sleep well last night. 😉

  30. This looks great, Sergio!

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