NY Comic Con ’16: Day Two Overview

NY Comic Con

I arrived at the Javits Center at 9:30am only to discover an incredibly long line to get in.  How long was it?  I had to walk around the entire Javits Center, then turn and walk back the way I came (it took me over two hours just to get in).  This is my fifth NY Comic Con in a row, and I’d never seen anything like this dscn5034before (they truly oversold it this year thanks to those added venues).  Once I finally got in, I checked out the Ash vs. Evil Dead cabin again.  I was hoping to score a T-shirt, but I got a bottle opener instead.  I then went to the autographing area (I had wanted to get my badge tapped for the 7:30pm Main Stage Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. panel, but I correctly guessed that it had filled up long before I even entered the building).  I got on the line for Nichelle Nichols, who had played Uhura in the original Star Trek TV series.  After a roughly 20 minute wait, I finally got to meet her and get her autograph (she was delightful).


Afterwards, I found a corner to sit down and get a little rest (I was nearly drained just from trying to get into the Javits Center).  Once I was rested, I went onto the show floor.  I stopped by the Jessica Nigri to say hi and take another picture with dscn5049her (I later learned that I had accidentally cut in the line for her; it had not been indicated to me that there was one at the time).  In my efforts to navigate through the large crowds, I found the table for cosplayer Meg Turney.  I had a brief conversation with her, then bought a print and got my picture taken with her.  I then made my way to the Headlocked booth, where I met Jerry “The King” Lawler.  I told him about how much I loved his color commentary on Monday Night Raw especially during the Attitude Era in WWE.  He spoke about it fondly and remarked about how politically correct WWE has become.  I ended up getting his autograph and a picture with him.


At the Superheroes Stuff section, I found the small table with cosplayers LeeAnna Vamp and Kristen Hughey.  I got to meet them, get autographed prints dscn5055(a Vampirella one from Vamp and a Thundercats, Star Trek, and budoir ones from Hughey), and pictures taken with them.  I also managed to meet cosplayers Holly Wolf and Aurora O’Brien at different booths, get autographed prints (a double-sided Poison Ivy one from Wolf, and a Red Sonja one from O’Brien in addition to a dscn5066Venom print that O’Brien drew), and pictures with them.  I then headed over to Room 1A02 to line up for the Infinity Gauntlet 25th anniversary panel, but it had already been capped.  One of the crew members watching the line said to come back a few minutes before the start of the panel since there would still be seats.  I went to get something to eat then came back 10 minutes prior.  Unfortunately, the panel filled up quickly and I couldn’t get in (most of the people from the previous panel in that room had stayed for Infinity Gauntlet).  A lot of people were pissed off.


I went back to the show floor and went to the table featuring cosplayer Sofia Sivan.  I got to meet her, bought two prints (a Jessica Rabbit and budoir prints), dscn5065and got my picture taken with her.  I then stopped by the Marvel booth and picked up some free comics, a Poe Dameron button, and an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. poster.  I went over to the Lego booth and took some pics of the Lego Batman that had been built.  I then made my final rounds on the show floor.  I encountered the Hacksaw Jim Duggan table, spoke with the WWE Hall of Famer for a little bit, and I got my picture taken with him.  I bought a Bill Plympton shorts blu-ray at the Plymptoons table.  At the Royal Collectibles booth, I bought a couple of graphic novels (JLA: The Hypothetical Woman and Superman: End of the Century).  I then headed over to Artist Alley, hoping to dscn5093get some graphic novels autographed.  The people I wanted to see had already left.  I did stop by the Hot Flips table to say hi to cosplayer Ireland Reid, who had been suffering from exhaustion earlier in the day (she’s spent the last few weeks prepping a massive cosplay, which will be unveiled tomorrow).  I wished her luck and left Artist Alley.  I took some more cosplay pics before throwing in the towel for the day.  It was an awesome second day (once I finally got in, that is) at the 2016 NY Comic Con.



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