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Halloween (1978)

“Do you see anything you like?” Lynda unknowingly teases to a disguised Michael Myers. I have longed to see John Carpenter’s original 1978 classic Halloween on the big screen.  The IFC Center held a John Carpenter retrospective last year as a … Continue reading


John Carpenter: An Appreciation Part Two

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(continued from John Carpenter: An Appreciation Part One) A remake of the 1951 Christian Nyby film (and a more faithful adaptation of the short story that inspired it), 1982’s The Thing was Carpenter’s first studio film (Universal Pictures).  An American … Continue reading


John Carpenter: An Appreciation Part One

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Tomorrow (January 16, 2013) marks the 65th birthday of director John Carpenter.  I’ve always found his work interesting.  He writes, directs, produces, acts, and often composes the music to his films.  His directorial output is largely hit-and-miss; eight of his … Continue reading