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75 Years of Batman: NY Comic Con ’14: Batman 75th Anniversary Panel

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After missing last year’s Superman 75th anniversary panel, I was intent on making it to this year’s Batman 75th anniversary panel.  I sat through two panels to see this one (The League panel, which I wanted to see, and the … Continue reading


75 Years of Superman: Superman 75th Anniversary Animated Short

Looking back on 2013, this year marked a big anniversary for the comic book character known as Superman.  I’ve posted a couple of Superman movie reviews as well as a five-part series on why Bryan Singer shouldn’t have made Superman Returns.  I … Continue reading


NY Comic Con ’13: Day Two Overview

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Prior to entering the Javits Center on Saturday October 12th, there was a flea market nearby and I stopped by a comics section.  To my surprise, I found issues #1, 2, and 3 of the comic adaptation for the 1988 … Continue reading


75 Years of Superman: Superman Statue

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This June marks the 75th anniversary of Superman, the Man of Steel (he first appeared in Action Comics #1 in June 1938).  Metropolis, Illinois, which has been the official hometown of Superman since 1972, holds an annual celebration every June … Continue reading