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‘Tarzan’ & ‘Surf’s Up’ & ‘Frozen’

Chris Buck is an animator, writer, and director who studied character animation at CalArts and later went to work at Disney.  He worked as an animator on several films, including The Fox and the Hound, Oliver and Company, The Little … Continue reading


‘The Polar Express’ & ‘A Christmas Carol’

Robert Zemeckis is a writer, producer, and director who first desired to go to film school not long after seeing Bonnie and Clyde with his father when it came out in 1967.  Zemeckis attended USC, where he met Bob Gale … Continue reading


‘Yellow Submarine’ & ‘Heavy Metal’

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Gerald Potterton is an animator, producer, and director who attended the Hammersmith Art School in London, England and worked as an assistant animator afterward.  In 1954, he joined the National Film Board of Canada (he moved there the following year.  … Continue reading


‘Antz’ & ‘A Bug’s Life’

It’s not that often that animated films share some similar concepts (and even rarer when both similar film are released in the same year).  Examples of such films include 1987′s The Brave Little Toaster and 1995’s Toy Story, 2010′s Despicable … Continue reading


‘An American Tail: Fievel Goes West’ & ‘The Prince of Egypt’

Simon Wells is an animator, storyboard artist, and director who is also the great grandson of famed author H. G. Wells (The Time Machine, The Invisible Man, The War of the Worlds).  Simon studied audio-visual design at the Perse School … Continue reading


‘Monsters, Inc.’ & ‘Up’

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Pete Docter is an animator, screenwriter, producer, and director who, inspired by Chuck Jones and Walt Disney, created flip books and homemade animated shorts while growing up.  He studied philosophy and making art for a year at the University of … Continue reading


‘A Boy Named Charlie Brown’ & ‘Snoopy, Come Home’

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the death of Bill Melendez (1916-2008), who worked as an animator, voice artist, producer, and director.  For a while in the 1940s he worked at one of the animation units at Warner Bros., … Continue reading