Liebster Award #2


I was very surprised to find out this morning that Bex from Film Music Central nominated me for a Liebster Award (this would be my second one; I first received one two years ago here).

The Rules of the Liebster Award are as follows:

1. The bloggers who have been nominated must thank the person who nominated them.
2. Nominees must answer the eleven questions given to them by the person who nominated them.
3. Those nominated must choose eleven bloggers to answer their own set of questions.  When you are nominated, you cannot nominate the person who nominated you.

Thank you Bex at Film Music Central for nominating me for my second Liebster Award.  You can check out her cool blog here (and don’t forget to check out/participate in her upcoming Remembering James Horner Blogathon).

Here are my answers to the 11 questions Bex has asked:

  1. Favorite Star Wars film?  The Empire Strikes Back
  2. What is your favorite film soundtrack?  Star Trek: The Motion Picture
  3. What is your favorite Disney film?  20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
  4. What is the most recent film you saw in theaters?  Star Trek: The Motion Picture
  5. What is the worst film you ever saw?  A Haunted House 2 on Netflix (I tried to live tweet riffs on the movie, but only ended up complaining multiple times at how completely unfunny and awful it was, eventually provoking a nasty response from Marlon Wayans himself).
  6. Who is your favorite actor/actress?  Rachel McAdams
  7. Could Tom Hiddleston pull off being James Bond? If not, who?  Sam Claflin would make an interesting Bond.
  8. What’s that one movie you could not live without?  Star Trek: The Motion Picture
  9. Favorite (and least favorite) movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?  Favorite: Captain America: Civil War  Least Favorite: Don’t have a least favorite of the MCU films; I enjoy all of them very much.
  10. By the same token, favorite and least favorite movie set in the DC Universe?  Favorite: Batman Returns  Least Favorite: Superman III
  11. Batman meets Iron Man in a fair fight: who wins?  Batman

Here are the 11 blogs I nominate for the Liebster Award:

  2. Carly Hearts Movies
  4. Once upon a screen…
  5. The Flapper Dame
  6. Christina Wehner
  7. Criterion Blues …..
  8. Now Voyaging
  9. In The Good Old Days Of Classic Hollywood.
  10. The Wonderful World of Cinema
  11. Silver Screenings

And here are your 11 questions to answer:

1. What is your favorite new release of 2016 so far?
2. Do you prefer 3D or 2D?
3. What is your favorite film from the year you were born?
4. Star Trek or Star Wars?
5. Which Comic-Con have you most recently attended (or, if you’ve never been to one, which one do you plan or wish to attend)?
6. Blu-ray or streaming?
7. Name your favorite ’80s song in a film.
8. What is your favorite film based on a book?
9. What is your favorite (or least favorite) Nicholas Cage haircut?
10. Which film recently made you reflect on it long after the credits were over?
11. Who is your favorite composer?

I look forward to reading your answers.  Once again, a special thanks to Bex at Film Music Central!

12 responses to “Liebster Award #2

  1. Congrats on your well-deserved Liebster!

    I like that you received a response from Marlon Wayans re: A Haunted House 2. Nice work!

    Thanks for the nomination! It will take me a few weeks to respond, but I do have something in the works…

  2. Thank you so much for the nomination! I need a little time to be able to answer the questions (maybe a few weeks), but I definitely will!

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  4. Congrats, Louis. Well-deserved.

  5. Wow very creative questions! Thanks so much for the nomination 🙂

  6. wow, awesome answers!!! thanks for the shout out regarding my upcoming blogathon too! I totally agree also with Star Trek: The Motion Picture having an awesome soundtrack 🙂

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