NY Comic Con ’15: ‘Justice League’ Reunion & ‘Batman: Bad Blood’ Panels

NY Comic Con

During my second day of NY Comic Con, I got into the Felicia Day panel at the Empire Stage mainly so that I could stay for the Justice League reunion panel (to be fair, the Felicia Day panel was quite enjoyable).  After the panel, I moved up to an even better seat for the Justice League reunion panel.  The panel started with the introduction of voice and casting director Andrea Romano.  She was followed by the main cast of the Justice League animated series (with the exception of Michael Rosenbaum aka the Flash, who was unable to attend): George Newbern (the voice of Superman), Kevin Conroy (the voice of Batman), Susan Eisenberg (the voice of Wonder Woman), Carl Lumbly (the voice of the Martian Manhunter), Phil LaMarr (the voice of the Green Lantern), and Maria Canals-Barrera (the voice of Hawkgirl).  The casting of the series was first discussed.

Lumbly talked about finding the right voice for the Martian Manhunter.  Romano also discussed Justice League Unlimited and all of the casting DSCN1721opportunities it brought (Jeffrey Combs, who voiced the Question, was one of her favorite guest stars).  LaMarr talked about how John Stewart (the then-new Green Lantern) being black wasn’t a big deal.  He then joked that it was “less of a deal than Heimdall being black” (a reference to the initial fan outrage to Idris Elba’s casting as Heimdall in the 2011 live action Marvel film Thor).  Conroy talked about Batman being a reluctant DSCN1709member of the Justice League and Eisenberg talked about the responsibility of taking on Wonder Woman.  A clip from the pilot episode showing the formation of the league is shown, then followed by a script reading of the scene that followed.  Another clip is shown followed by another script reading of the scene that followed that clip.  Before the panel ended, Conroy mentioned that he still feels that Batman: Mask of the Phantasm is the best Batman film ever.

Later in the day, after leaving the Agents of Primetime panel at the Main Stage, I went back on line for the following panel: the Batman: Bad Blood panel.  The panel started with a screening of the trailer for the newest DCU animated film.  The panelists were brought out afterward: director Jay Oliva, character designer Phil Bourassa, producer James Tucker, and actors Gaius Charles (the voice of Batwing) and Jason O’Mara (the voice of Batman).  After a clip is screened, Bourassa discusses Batwing and Batwoman and how they fit into the story.  Oliva mentioned that Batwing’s suit would be a forerunner to what would become the Batman suit in Batman Beyond.  Bourassa also discussed updating DSCN1764C-list villains to make them look cool.  O’Mara then joked about his reduced recording time due to Batman being missing in the film.  Charles mentioned that he was inspired by all of the Batman shows that he watched growing up.  O’Mara talked about looking for new things in Bruce Wayne and Batman with every animated Batman film he does (it was revealed that Bad Blood would be his fifth as Batman).

Tucker discussed Yvonne Strahovski and how she nailed the voice for Batwoman.  Oliva said he loved having her be a part of the film and how well-rounded her character was made.  During an audience Q&A, it was revealed that DSCN1763a third Justice League film was confirmed (a sequel to Justice League: War and Justice League: Throne of Atlantis).  It was also confirmed that Batman: The Killing Joke would be coming out next year (with Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy returning as the Joker and Batman, respectively).  Charles talked about the research he did on Batwing.  Tucker discussed wanting to introduce a new character, which is why Batwoman was picked over Batgirl DSCN1761(Oliva added that he felt that Batwoman was a badass).  A clip of Batwing was shown shortly thereafter.  Oliva mentioned that Talia Al Ghul and the League of Assassins would be returning soon in an upcoming film.  O’Mara got excited about the possibility of doing a Batman film with Kevin Conroy, then joked about fighting Conroy in real life in addition to his Batman fighting Conroy’s Batman.  The panel ended with a few signed Batman: Bad Blood posters being given out.

Batman: Bat Blood movie poster

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