NY Comic Con ’15: Day Four

NY Comic Con

I got up a little late, tired and exhausted but intent on showing up for the last day of this year’s NY Comic Con.  I got to the Javits Center just after 12pm and immediately went to get on the line for the Back To the Future photo op (which I’d been dying to do for the last couple of days).  There was a recreation of the Café ’80s from Back To the Future Part II, along with the Delorean and actors playing Marty McFly and Doc Brown.  After a decent wait, I finally got my picture taken with Marty and Doc (I even got to hold the hoverboard!).  Afterward, I went onto the show floor.  I passed by the Downward Viral booth and stopped to say hi to cosplayer Vegas PG.  We chatted for a little bit and wished each other farewell.  I passed by another booth featuring cosplayers Vera Baby and Elise Lauren (who cosplayed as sexy versions of Cruella De Vil and Patch the pup, respectively, from 101 Dalmatians).  I bought a Vera Baby print (the Cruella De Vil one) and got it autographed.  I even got to have my picture taken with Vera and Elise (they were pretty cool).

I took some cosplay pics as I made my way to Artist Alley.  I went to see if Jerry Ordway was at his table and immediately got on line to get his autograph.  After a long wait (at least an hour), I finally got to meet him and he signed my Death of Superman graphic novel.  He didn’t ask for a Hero Initiative donation but I gave him one anyway.  I then went to see if Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez was at his table.  I was glad to see him there, and asked him if he could sign my Superman: Kal one-shot graphic novel (which he did).  I also gave him a Hero Initiative donation.  The Nerd Glam table was nearby, so I went over to say hi cosplayer Ireland Reid.  She had been cosplaying as a sexy Cheshire Cat (from 1951’s Alice In Wonderland), but by the time I got there she had mostly changed out of it (she was still wearing some head pieces).  We talked a little and wished each other farewell.  I then went to get my picture taken with cosplayer Tehmeena Afzal, who was cosplaying as Princess Jasmine from 1992’s Aladdin.  Afterward, I went to find David Lloyd’s table.  He happily signed my V For Vendetta graphic novel (I asked him to sign one of the pages in the back, which featured one of his unused sketches).  I passed by the Sarah Miller table and talked to her for a while (I was surprised to find out that this was her first comic book convention; she said that she usually appears at tattoo conventions since she’s also a tattoo artist).  I bought one of her original prints, which she signed, as well as an autographed pic of her.

After leaving Artist Alley, I took a little break outside and then returned to the show floor.  I passed by the Megablocks booth and got my picture taken in the Star Trek area (I sat in the captain’s chair, which was made out of megablocks).  Someone from the Image Comics booth was giving out Spawn buttons, and I DSCN2027happily took one.  I passed by a table featuring cosplayer Shelly Scarlett, who was cosplaying as Leeloo from The Fifth Element.  I bought a Red Sonja cosplay print from her, which she happily autographed (I was also able to get my picture taken with her).  As NY Comic Con came to a close, I spent what little time I had left taking cosplay pics and trying to snag any other last minute freebies (I managed to get an Uberzombie T-shirt).  I had a great time this year (my one regret was forgetting to visit the Glass Eye Pix booth).  I bid the 2015 NY Comic Con farewell, and am looking forward to the 2016 NY Comic Con.  That was my Sunday at this year’s NY Comic Con.


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