NY Comic Con ’15: Day Three

NY Comic Con

I managed to get to the Javits Center by 11am.  I headed over to the Todd McFarlane booth, and by the time I found it, the autograph line was way too long.  I then went over to the CarLister booth to get a free poster capsule.  Once I acquired it, I went to Artist Alley.  I looked for Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and Jerry Ordway to get their autographs, but they weren’t in.  I did stop by the nearby Hero Initiative table and bought a Hero Initiative pin (I also gave a donation to help comic veterans in need).  I then went to Klaus Janson’s table to get my DKIII: The Master Race poster (which I had gotten for free near the Batman v. Superman statues) autographed.  I also bought a Daredevil: End of Days graphic novel from Janson (who also drew a sketch inside and autographed it).  I stopped by the Nerd Glam table to see cosplayer Ireland Reid, who debuted a new Poison Ivy cosplay outfit (complete with lights!).  After taking some pics, I headed back to the show floor, where I bought a Spider-Man wallet and, at the Plymptoons booth, an autographed copy of Bill Plympton’s Cheatin’ on blu-ray.  I then left the Javits Center and headed over to the Hammerstein Ballroom for the Ash vs. Evil Dead panel.

After the extremely enjoyable Ash vs. Evil Dead panel (which included a screening of the pilot episode), I returned to the Javits Center and headed over to the Ash vs. Evil Dead trailer.  After waiting on a long line, I finally got in.  The inside was a recreation of Ash’s actual trailer from the show, including his axe and workshop tools (which, of course, included his chainsaw).  I took some pics and one of the vendors took a couple of pics with me wielding the chainsaw and sawed-off shotgun.  Before I left the trailer area, I picked up an Ash vs. Evil Dead button.  I went inside the Javits Center and went back to the DSCN1890show floor.  I stopped by to say hello to cosplayer Sarah Russi at her booth.  After a brief chat, I went over to the Gemr booth to buy an autographed Jessica Nigri print (I went with her Harley Quinn print).  She even posed for a picture with me afterward.  At the Lightning Bottleneck booth, I bought a vampire Batman print, and at the Fampart booth I bought a gorgeous Evil Dead 2 poster.

After seeing a flyer advertising that Paris Themmen (Mike Teevee from 1971’s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) had a table at NY Comic Con, I went to find it, and after doing so, bought an autographed still and Golden Ticket from DSCN1927him as well as get my picture taken with him.  Afterward, I accidentally stumbled upon the Poisonous Pinups booth, where I met the very friendly Ophelia Rain (a model, actress, and porn star).  I bought an autographed copy of Old Nick magazine with her on the cover.  I even got to take a picture with her.  As I headed out, I took some more cosplay pics (including some pics of the Delorean from Back To the Future) and then left.  That was my Saturday at this year’s NY Comic Con.



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