Smithsonian National Postal Museum

Smithsonian National Postal Museum Logo

During my recent trip to Washington D.C., I checked out several historical sites and museums.  One of the last places I visited was the Smithsonian National Postal Museum.  I admit that it started out as more of a time killer for me since it was located across from Union Station and my train departure was still a few hours away.  Nevertheless, the visit ultimately proved intriguing.  Among the noteworthy items on display were movie posters and lobby cards from several postal-related films, including Appointment With Danger, Frontier Pony Express, The Telegraph Trail, and The Murder Mob.  There were also images of movie-related stamps in the William H. Gross Stamp Gallery (including stamps featuring images from The Wizard of Oz, Dracula, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Star Wars, and Toy Story 2).  A perforation plate for the 1998 Alfred Hitchcock stamp (which was also the first laser-cut stamp) was on display as well.  Below is a slideshow of some of the pics I took.  Enjoy!

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