Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Part 2

During my recent trip to Washington D.C., I visited a few historical sites and museums (some were re-visits).  One of the places I stopped by once again was the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum (check out my original post here).  I had surprisingly found some film-related things at this museum during my last visit, and I found a few more items during my most recent visit, including:

A modified version of this ship appears in the 1939 “Buck Rogers” serial.

In the World War I aviation section (entitled Legend, Memory, and the Great War In the Air), the small theater screening a documentary short hosted by Douglas Fairbanks Jr. called Hollywood Knights of the Sky had posters for The Dawn Patrol and Hell’s Angels on display.  There was also a WWI collectibles display case that included a copy of the soundtrack LP for The Blue Max.

A poster for 1930’s “Hell’s Angels.”

A soundtrack LP for Jerry Goldsmith’s score to “The Blue Max” (upper right).

For more info on the museum, go here.  I strongly recommend visiting in person if you get a chance to go to Washington D.C.

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