Scorsese Collects Exhibition

On May 30th, the Museum of Modern Art in New York City opened a new exhibition called Scorsese Collects.  The exhibition is a celebration of director Martin Scorsese’s enduring commitment to the preservation of international film culture.  34 posters from Scorsese’s collection are currently on display, including a rare, billboard-sized poster for 1951’s The Tales of Hoffmann and posters representing the work of directors such as Michael Powell (The Red Shoes), Max Ophuls (The Earrings of Madame de…), Jacques Tourneur (I Walked with a Zombie), Preston Sturges (Sullivan’s Travels), Raoul Walsh (Regeneration), and Howard Hawks (Scarface).  The exhibition will be accompanied by a month-long film series, Scorsese Screens, starting on August 5th.  Below is a slideshow that includes pics of some of the posters on display.  Please click, enjoy, and check out the exhibition in person if you’re in New York City (it’s open until October 25th)!


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