DP/30: Rick Rowley On ‘Dirty Wars’

Last July, I got to see Rick Rowley’s documentary Dirty Wars at the IFC Center in New York City.  The doc was co-written and produced by investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill, who also wrote the book that inspired the film.  In the film, Scahill investigates U.S. covert operations in the Middle East.  I was excited when the Academy Award nominations were announced and this was one of the five films to receive a nod for Best Documentary Feature.  David Poland sat down with Rowley and Scahill during the Sundance Film Festival last year to discuss the film.  It’s a fascinating listen, and I hope you enjoy this video:


2 responses to “DP/30: Rick Rowley On ‘Dirty Wars’

  1. Just saw this documentary a few days ago and thought it more than worthy.

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