Midnight Movie Report: 2013

After a long week at work, one of the things I look forward to most on the weekend is attending a midnight movie.  The best spots for midnight movies in New York City today are the Landmark Sunshine Cinema and the IFC Center (the Chelsea Cinema does continue to play The Rocky Horror Picture Show every weekend with the official NYC Rocky Horror shadowcast).  In 2013, I didn’t get to attend as many midnight screenings as I had wanted to (largely due to my work schedule).  I’m happy to report that only three of the 17 midnight screenings I attended last year were films that I had already seen on the big screen (2001: A Space Odyssey, which I hadn’t seen on the big screen for 10 years; The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which marked the 17th time I’d seen it on the big screen in over a five-year period; and Army of Darkness, which I last saw on the big screen two-and-a-half years before at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema).  All 17 films were very enjoyable, and I look forward to continue watching midnight movies in 2014.

Theother1972poster.jpgA painted image of four space-suited astronauts standing next to a piece of equipment atop a lunar hill, in the distance is a Moon base and a ball-shaped spacecraft descending toward it—with the earth hanging in a black sky in the background. Above the image appears "An epic drama of adventure and exploration" in blue block letters against a white background. Below the image in a black band, the title "2001: a space odyssey" appears in yellow block letters.Willow movie.jpg

IFC Center – March            IFC Center – April          Sunshine Cinema- April

Time bandits.jpgTwelve monkeysmp.jpgLabyrinth ver2.jpg

IFC Center – May                   IFC Center – July     Midtown Art Cinema (GA) – July

The poster of the movie The Great Muppet Caper.jpgVideodromeposter.jpgBloodSimplePoster.jpg

Sunshine Cinema – August   Sunshine Cinema – August     IFC Center – September

Slackerposter.jpgThe Rocky Horror Picture Show.jpgOldboykoreanposter.jpg

IFC Center – September           Chelsea Cinema – Nov.      Sunshine Cinema – Nov.

Landofthedead.jpgArmy of Darkness poster.jpgMs. 45 Poster.jpg

IFC Center – November           IFC Center – November    IFC Center – December

Elf movie.jpgBraindead-poster.jpg

Sunshine Cinema – Dec.              IFC Center – December

2 responses to “Midnight Movie Report: 2013

  1. “Videodrome” in August…the mouth waters. ML

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