Desert Island Films #67: The Cinematic Frontier

Desert Island Films

Tyson Carter of Head In A Vice runs a recurring series called Desert Island Films over at his blog.  I submitted my list of eight films I’d like to take with me if I were going to be stranded on a desert island, along with a book and one novelty item.  I tried to come up with some interesting choices for the films, and I hope everyone likes them (or at least finds them intriguing).  I’d like to thank Tyson for including my list and letting me participate.  It was very fun to do.  As for my list, please continue reading here…

Also, I’d like to make an addition to my list and bring one person along with me, and that person is Val Humphrey.  She’s part of the NYC Rocky Horror Picture Show cast and is just an awesome person.  I’m sure she wouldn’t mind the mention here.

2 responses to “Desert Island Films #67: The Cinematic Frontier

  1. Thanks again for joining in buddy 🙂

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