75 Years of Superman: Americana Hollywood

Superman banner

During my recent visit to Metropolis, Illinois (the official home of Superman and annual Superman Celebration every June), one of the places I went to visit was the Americana Hollywood Museum.  I had read that there was Hollywood memorabilia there as well as a bunch of cool stuff (including a Justice League exhibit!).  Unfortunately, I discovered that the place was currently closed down until further notice (a sign that stated this would’ve been nice).  I found out from the guy who runs Daily Star Comics (who’s going to soon convert his store from a comic book/Superman shop to a Doctor Who store) that there was a flood in the area last summer and that a number of things at the Americana Hollywood were damaged.  The museum has been closed ever since, and it is currently unknown when (or if) it is going to re-open.  It’s a shame because it looked like a really cool place to visit.  Check out the slideshow below for all the pics I took of the outside of the museum (there’s even a giant green meteorite/kryptonite rock at the street corner).  I hope you all enjoy the pics!


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