Stanley Kubrick

From combat soldiers who are filled with both fear and desire
To a down-and-out boxer dreading a killer’s kiss.
From a racetrack robbery that turned into a killing
To French soldiers going down different paths of glory.
From charting a slave rebellion led by Spartacus
To quenching an attraction to that girl Lolita.
From debating in the War Room with Dr. Strangelove
To embarking to Jupiter for a space odyssey.
From giving in to ultra-violence and a clockwork orange
To traveling across Europe with social climber Barry Lyndon.
From staying at the Overlook Hotel and experiencing the shining
To joining the Marine Corps for a full metal jacket
And finally a weird sex odyssey with our eyes wide shut.
Ladies and gentleman, these are the films of Stanley Kubrick.

4 responses to “Stanley Kubrick

  1. Nice one! He’s of my favorite directors.

  2. Victor De Leon

    That was pretty cool.

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