Lobby Display for ‘Oz’

Last month, my blog posts decreased in number.  The reason was that, as an assistant manager at the movie theater I’m working at in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, I was put in charge of marketing and the big promotion I wanted to do was for Oz the Great and Powerful.  I created a poster board to help promote it (the contents took numerous hours to research and put together, not to mention figuring out how to display everything and where to get the necessary supplies).  Then there was the marketing materials I tried to get from Disney.  They no longer had any promotional T-shirts and tote bags to send; all they had available were posters (which I still requested).  I wanted to have a voluntary group activity for the team members, so I created something that they could work on (specially made Oz logos).  Unfortunately, no one volunteered, so I ended up making only three of the fifteen I originally wanted.  When everything was finally finished, I decorated our main lobby with the materials I had made.  Below is the link to my SkyDrive folder where all the pictures I took of the lobby are available for viewing.

3 responses to “Lobby Display for ‘Oz’

  1. Fantastic setup! Thank you for sharing. Loved the cinematic history of Oz setup! great work

  2. It sounds awesome, but the photos don’t load. I’d like to see the work you did!

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