Top Twenty Football Films

I have to admit that while I am a bit of a football fan, I am not a rabid football fan.  My becoming a football fan is an interesting evolution that occurred over the last 15 years; I went from watching the Super Bowl for the commercials to watching the Super Bowl for the game itself (is this a commentary on the declining quality of Super Bowl ads or on the improvement of the game itself?).  In honor of the upcoming Super Bowl, I’d like to list the top twenty football movies of all time.  The only requirements that I felt were important for this list were the following:

  1. Football must be essential to the story (it must either be depicted or it must drive the story in some way).
  2. The film must actually be good and worth seeing on the big screen.
  3. The film must have had an actual theatrical release and not be a made-for-TV movie (sorry, but that means 1971’s Brian’s Song is NOT on the list).

I now present the twenty football films in order of their release:

The following three documentaries are presented as honorable mentions (I don’t mean to imply that they’re lesser films; I just wanted to keep the documentaries separate from the regular narrative features displayed above):


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