Those Oscar Missed: Best Actor

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Best Actor can be a controversial category at times.  Sometimes a supporting performance will be submitted as a lead performance by the distributor either to help boost box office revenue or to increase the actor’s chances in that category for another film (because they think the actor has a better shot with the other film).  But most of the times, lead performances are nominated, but not every nominee truly deserved the nod.  Best Actor has a history of numerous major snubs; consequently I feel that listing just five major snubs is doing a disservice to all of those who were snubbed.  Nevertheless, I will name five major snubs, and I will also name five honorable mentions (rather than the usual three).

One immediate major snub is Humphrey Bogart for 1950’s In A Lonely Place.  He portrays Dixon Steele, a famous Hollywood screenwriter who has quite…

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