Those Oscar Missed: Best Actress

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Best Actress, like, Best Actor, can be difficult to predict at times.  There’s also been some controversy regarding supporting performances being submitted for a lead performance award.  One example being Anne Baxter, who should’ve gotten a Supporting Actress nod but pushed for and got a Best Actress nod for 1950’s All About Eve.  Another example being Kate Winslet, who was submitted for Best Actress rather than Best Supporting Actress by the Weinsteins for 2008’s The Reader in order to boost box office numbers; what’s ironic is that Winslet would’ve won anyway for the film she should’ve been nominated for, 2008’s Revolutionary Road.  The Academy hasn’t always gotten the nominees right (they nominated Meryl Streep and Glenn Close last year; both appeared in terrible movies for which they were nominated)  Let’s take a look at some surprising major snubs.

One major snub is Rosalind Russell…

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