DP/30: Mychael Danna On ‘Life of Pi’

Ang Lee’s latest critically-acclaimed film, Life of Pi, recently received 11 Academy Award nominations, including Best Director and Best Picture.  One of the nominations was for Best Original Score, which went to composer Mychael Danna (who recently won the Golden Globe for Best Score for Life of Pi).  Life of Pi marks Danna’s fourth collaboration with Lee (he scored 1997’s The Ice Storm and 1999’s Ride With the Devil, while his score for 2003’s Hulk was rejected by Universal Pictures).  I have a few of his soundtracks, including his scores for 2003’s Shattered Glass, 2004′s Being Julia, 2007′s Breach, 2007′s Surf’s Up, and 2009′s The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (which he co-composed with his brother Jeff).  I enjoyed Danna’s score for Life of Pi, and I look forward to hearing more of his work in the future.  Danna sat down with DP/30 last month to discuss his work on the film as well as his process of composing music.  It’s an excellent listen, and I hope you enjoy this video:

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