Those Oscar Missed: Best Supporting Actress

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Best Supporting Actress has sometimes produced some surprise winners, but it has grown mostly predictable for the last decade.  What strikes me is how quickly the winners of the last decade have been largely forgotten (with the exception of Cate Blanchett, Penelope Cruz, and Tilda Swinton).  How many people even remember that Jennifer Hudson won nearly six years ago for Dreamgirls (I was against this because most of her performance was singing, not acting)?  Or Mo’Nique about three years ago for Precious (I was against this because I felt that Paula Patton, who wasn’t even nominated, gave the better supporting performance)?  What’s Renee Zellweger been doing for the last few years?  It’s saddening when an Oscar win is not used to gain bigger or better roles.  It’s even more saddening when some truly excellent supporting performances get ignored or go unnoticed.  But now, let us highlight…

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