Reactions To 2012 Academy Award Nominations Part Two

(continued from Reactions To 2012 Academy Award Nominations Part One)

Best Foreign Language Film
I was surprised that The Intouchables didn’t get nominated, and it looks like Amour will be the winner here.

Best Animated Feature
I got the nominees mostly right in this one.  I was surprised that the Academy even remembered The Pirates! Band of Misfits, although I’m a little disappointed that The Rabbi’s Cat didn’t get a nod.  Thankfully, Hotel Transylvania was NOT nominated, and I’m still rooting for Frankenweenie to win.

Best Documentary Feature
I was deeply disappointed that the excellent The Central Park Five didn’t even make the shortlist for this category.  In a year (2012) where I saw a personal record-breaking 11 documentaries, I was still surprised that a documentary I saw actually got nominated (Five Broken Cameras).  I won’t be seeing The Gatekeepers until it opens at Film Forum next month, and while I have no idea who will win, this will actually be a fun category for me to try to predict this year.

Best Documentary (Short Subject)
No comment (I haven’t seen any of the nominees in this category).

Best Production Design
Really no complaints here, although it would’ve been nice to see Prometheus get nominated here.  I was also a little surprised by the absence of The Master in this category.  I might go with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey for the win.

Best Cinematography
I’m really torn here.  The cinematography for Skyfall, Lincoln, and Django Unchained were exceptional, and I’m finding it difficult to choose between those three in particular.  I am rooting a little more for Roger Deakins (Skyfall), but that’s because he hasn’t won in this category yet.  Nevertheless, I feel like I’m the winner since this’ll be a fun race in this category.

Best Film Editing
For some reason, I think either Zero Dark Thirty or Life of Pi  will win in this category.

Best Original Score
While I’m fine with the nominees (I was particularly delighted that Thomas Newman’s score for Skyfall got a nod), I do have some minor complaints.  While I have no objection to Alexandre Desplat getting nominated, Argo was not his best work from 2012 (I would’ve been fine if he had gotten nominated for Rise of the Guardians).  Also, I was surprised that Danny Elfman didn’t get nominated for either Hitchcock or Frankenweenie, Howard Shore for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (he wrote an abundance of original material), Alan Silvestri for The Avengers, Patrick Doyle for Brave, or James Horner for The Amazing Spider-Man (all of these scores were better than the one for Argo).

(To be concluded in: Reactions to 2012 Academy Award Nominations Part Three)

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