Reactions To 2012 Academy Award Nominations Part One

Some thoughts:

Best Picture
My first surprise here is that the Academy only went with nine nominees again instead of ten.  I’m glad to see Amour pop up here and that the Academy didn’t forget about Beasts of the Southern Wild, however, I’m surprised that Moonrise Kingdom, The Dark Knight Rises, or The Avengers didn’t make it into this category.

Best Director
It’s nice to see Michael Haneke get a nod for Amour, but I’m quite surprised that Ben Affleck and Kathryn Bigelow didn’t get nods for Argo and Zero Dark Thirty.  I’m also disappointed that Quentin Tarantino didn’t get nominated here for Django Unchained.  And I guess none of the Academy members saw The Dark Knight Rises since Christopher Nolan is absent from here yet again.

Best Actor
It’s nice to see Jackman get nominated (now I want to see posters for this summer’s The Wolverine that read “Academy Award Nominee Hugh Jackman is The Wolverine), but Daniel Day-Lewis is the winner here.  It is too bad that John Hawkes didn’t get nominated for The Sessions.  Also, I was hoping Richard Gere would get a nod for Arbitrage.

Best Actress
Although I’m glad to see Quvenzhane Wallis show up here for Beasts of the Southern Wild and surprised to see Emmanuelle Riva for Amour nominated (although I’ll probably be less surprised when I finally get to see the film), I am disappointed that Helen Mirren and Marion Cotillard didn’t get nominated for Hitchcock and Rust and Bone.  Also, I would’ve liked to have seen Melanie Lynskey get a nod for her performance in Hello, I Must Be Going.

Best Supporting Actor
I’m deeply disappointed that Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t get nominated for his villainous turn in Django Unchained.  I thought that this might finally be his year.  Also, I would’ve loved to see Tom Hardy get nominated for The Dark Knight Rises; he was extraordinary as the villain Bane.  Some other notable snubs here include Guy Pearce for Lawless, Michael Fassbender for Prometheus, and Sam Rockwell for Seven Psychopaths.  The winner here will most likely be Philip Seymour Hoffman for The Master, Tommy Lee Jones for Lincoln, or Christoph Waltz for Django Unchained.

Best Supporting Actress
I was a little surprised to see Jacki Weaver show up for Silver Linings Playbook;  I was hoping that Maggie Smith would get nominated for The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.  I’m glad Nicole Kidman didn’t get nominated for The Paperboy, but I am disappointed that Lorraine Toussaint didn’t get nominated for Middle of Nowhere.

Best Original Screenplay
Really no complaints here, although I’m disappointed that this was Moonrise Kingdom‘s sole nomination.  I thought maybe Ted or Middle of Nowhere would sneak in here, but the nominees here are all solid contenders.

Best Adapted Screenplay
I’m disappointed that Stephen Chbosky’s The Perks of Being A Wallflower didn’t get nominated; I figured this would’ve been the one category where it had a shot at a nomination.

(To be continued in: Reactions To 2012 Academy Award Nominations Part Two)

3 responses to “Reactions To 2012 Academy Award Nominations Part One

  1. I’m really pleased that Beasts Of The Southern Wild has been recognised. Like you I wish that Moonrise Kingdom had been nominated for Best Picture and believe Marion Cotillard deserved a nomination for Best Actress. Looking forward to seeing how it all turns out!

    • Thanks for commenting. This year’s Oscars certainly had some surprises as far as the nominees were concerned. While I’m still pissed about certain complete snubs (The Dark Knight Rises for everything, for example), I am looking forward to this year’s ceremony (I wonder if Seth MacFarlane will have Ted make an appearance).

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