Those Oscar Missed: Best Adapted Screenplay

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Best Adapted Screenplay refers to a screenplay on which the material is based on another medium (examples being short stories, novels, plays, comic books, TV shows, video games, short films, newspaper articles, or even previous films).  In the last decade in particular, Hollywood has been churning out more and more films based on existing properties (largely in part due to an already established name brand).  These adaptations have been mostly hit or miss; for every great adaptation (Hugo), there is an extremely poor one (any Twilight film).  Although a lot of terrific adapted screenplays have been nominated in the past, there have been some major snubs that the Academy has missed out on.

One major snub is 1950’s In A Lonely Place.  Written by Andrew Solt (and an Nicholas Ray) from an adaptation by Edmund H. North and based on the novel…

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