DP/30: Samuel L. Jackson On ‘Django Unchained’

Quentin Tarantino’s newest film Django Unchained is now in theaters.  Among the supporting cast is Samuel L. Jackson, who plays a house slave named Stephen who is owned by Leonardo DiCaprio’s brutal Calvin Candie.  Jackson recently sat down with DP/30 to discuss his work on the film, his working process as an actor, his feelings on fame, and playing Nick Fury.  It’s an excellent listen, and I hope you enjoy this video:

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3 responses to “DP/30: Samuel L. Jackson On ‘Django Unchained’

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  2. I for one believe Quent and Sam and Jamie smashed a homerun with this and people who criticised it can’t see that and those who even supported and liked it missed plenty of what this film is in its entirety. I was very impressed and in today’s films that’s nearly impossible because of the same ol same ol Hollywood forces down our throats and calls it entertainment.

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