Those Oscar Missed: Best Film Editing

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Best Film Editing is one of the more creative Oscar categories.  Film editing itself is an art form that is unique to cinema, although there is a similarity to the editing process when it comes to poetry and fiction writing.  The film editor takes raw footage, selects shots, and combines them into coherent sequences, then makes any alterations to enhance or improve the final version of the film.  A lot of great editing has been nominated (and won) over the years, but there are times when the Academy doesn’t quite get it right.  It’s hard to believe, but I managed to find some major film editing snubs.

One major snub is 1967’s Point Blank.  Film editor Henry Berman, inspired by director John Boorman and the films of the French New Wave, used jump cuts, slow-motion, repeated scenes for emphasis and amplified sound effects to create…

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