NY Film Critics Circle Awards 2012

Today the winners for the NY Film Critics Circle Awards were announced.  I’m always curious as to how this group of winners influences (or doesn’t influence) the Golden Globes and Oscar races.

I would like to congratulate David France on his win for the Best First Feature award for How To Survive A Plague.  I hope this will be the first of many good films he makes.  I have to admit that I really wasn’t surprised that The Central Park Five, directed by Ken Burns, David McMahon, and Sarah, picked up the award for Best Nonfiction Film.  Ken Burns has always been synonymous with high-quality documentaries.  I was, however, surprised that Greig Fraser picked up the award for  Best Cinematography for Zero Dark ThirtyI’ve liked what I’ve seen from the trailers and clips I’ve seen so far, but I think Janusz Kaminski is still going to go home with this award for Lincoln on Oscar night.  I was even more surprised (well, not really) that Tim Burton picked up the Frankenweenieaward for Best Animated FilmFrankenweenie was a terrific film and certainly was the best animated film of the year (now that Rise of the Guardians has been released).  I’m hoping this starts a chain reaction of Tim Burton picking up Best Animated Film awards for this film that ends with him picking up a long-overdue Oscar statuette.

Michael Haneke won the award for Best Foreign Language Film for can’t say I’m surprised, really.  This just makes me want to see the film even more now.  Here’s hoping it doesn’t take me 2 1/2 months to see it at Film Forum like it did with A SeparationSally Field picked up the award for Best Supporting Actress for Lincoln.  A well-deserved win, no doubt, but I haven’t settled on my pick for Oscar night just yet.  I’ll be waiting until I get to see Les Miserables before deciding.  Matthew McConaughey won the award for Best Supporting Actor for Bernie and Magic MikeWill this be magic mikeenough to boost McConaughey’s chances at an Oscar nod for Magic Mike?  Female viewership would increase by 300% if he was nominated.  In all seriousness, though, I hope this gives him a boost for an Oscar nod.  Rachel Weisz picked up the Best Actress award for The Deep Blue SeaI’m now even more pissed off that I missed out on the latest Terence Davies film.

Daniel Day-Lewis won the Best Actor award for Lincoln.  I’d hate to say it, Lincolnbut it looks like the Best Actor race is over.  Tony Kushner picked up the award for Best Screenplay for Lincoln.  How could anyone not like the script?  It was fantastic.  Zero Dark Thirty received the final two awards for Best Director and Best PictureKathryn Bigelow was an interesting choice for Best Director, but I still think Steven Spielberg has a good shot at triumphing on Oscar night.  As for Best Picture, I was a little surprised, but if anything, it’ll make the Oscar race a lot more interesting now that it’s heating up.  Congratulations to all the winners!

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