A Pinewood Dialogue with Tim Burton: A Look Back

After I had finished posting my seven-part series “The Films of Tim Burton” a month ago, I had thought I would see Tim Burton’s latest film Frankenweenie within its first week of release.  However, it would take me a month to see it (I had a similar experience with Corpse Bride seven years ago), but the wait was certainly worth it.  In honor of finally having seen Frankenweenie, I would like to present the Pinewood Dialogue with Tim Burton (following a preview screening of Big Fish at the Museum of the Moving Image) moderated by Museum Chief Curator David Schwartz (this took place on November 19, 2003).  It can be heard or read here.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.*
*Fun Fact: I was the audience member who asked about Danny Elfman’s score for Big Fish!

The Pinewood Dialogues, an ongoing series of discussions with key creative figures in film, television, and digital media, are made possible with a generous grant from the Pannonia Foundation.

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