NY Comic Con: ‘Evil Dead’ Panel

Without question, this was the panel I was most looking forward to.  Once the time finally came, director Fede Alvarez, star Jane Levy, and producer Bruce Campbell (star of the original Evil Dead trilogy) were introduced.  Campbell, of course, got the biggest applause.  After he came out and waved, he started to fake his exit, and was then told he was supposed to stay for the panel (everyone laughed).Campbell was just hilarious throughout.  He even joked about why Julianne Moore was at Comic Con.  Alvarez talked about getting the call from producer Sam Raimi (director of the original Evil Dead trilogy) to helm the remake.  Levy talked about her pursuit of the role that she eventually got.  She said that when she met Bruce Campbell, he jokingly tried to talk her out of her pursuit of the role, describing some of the things that Raimi had done to him while shooting the original trilogy.

From left to right: Bruce Campbell, Jane Levy, and Fede Alvarez.

Campbell, in an attempt to calm people’s fears about the remake, said that watching the new film is like putting on a comfortable shoe (Levy’s reaction was priceless).  They then showed a sneak preview, which was gory and awesome.  Levy said it was her first time seeing the footage and it scared the shit out of her.  There were a couple of references to the original Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2.

A Q&A followed the sneak peek.  A Spider-Man question was brought up.  Campbell reminded everyone that he was the one who named Spider-Man in the first Spidey flick and that he had played the snooty usher in Spider-Man 2 who prevented Peter Parker from seeing Mary Jane perform in her play.  He then pointed out that since he was the one who played the snooty usher, he was technically the only person to have ever defeated Spider-Man in any of the movies.Campbell was then asked who was cooler: Ash (from Evil Dead) or Sam Axe (from Burn Notice)?  After doing a big plug for Burn Notice (which drew a huge laugh), he said that Sam would win, but Ash would cheat.  At one point, there was a woman that Campbell had recognized from a convention last year.  She let him know what a huge fan she was of his work and was a little emotional.  He got up, walked over to her, and gave her $5 for her support and being a huge fan.  Levy sat in shock by what she was witnessing.Campbell, in response to the fans’ concerns about the remake and all the comments he’s read on the Internet, said that he would be nice enough to collectively accept all of the fans’ apologies for worrying about the remake.  He said that the time was right for a fresh take on the material, and that’s why it was made.  He then joked that Sam Raimi is still threatening from his death bed to make Evil Dead 4.  After that, they all thanked us for coming.

[UPDATE: 10/24]
Here is the official red-band trailer for 2013’s Evil Dead:

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