NY Comic Con: ‘The Conjuring’ Panel

The Conjuring, the newest film from director James Wan, comes out next summer.  Wan came out first and then introduced the world premiere of the trailer (which was awesome).

Director James Wan

After the trailer, Patrick Wilson, Lili Taylor, and Ron Livingston joined Wan on stage.  They showed some clips from the film (which were fun and creepy) and a Q&A followed the clips.  Patrick Wilson talked about the research he did with co-star Vera Farmiga on the Warrens, the real-life “ghost-hunting” couple they portray in the film, and about their visit to the Warren Museum.

Patrick Wilson (left) with James Wan (right)

Wan mentioned that a lot of the special effects in the film were “old-school” effects rather than CGI.  He also admitted that, despite all the horror movies he’s made, he’s still a chicken-shit and that making horror films is his therapy.  Ron Livingston and Lili Taylor said that they weren’t scared while making the film.

Lili Taylor

When an audience member joked that Patrick Wilson was going to be in every James Wan film for now on, Wan joked that he’s going to make a Batman film with Patrick Wilson as Bruce Wayne.  Ron Livingston immediately chimed in, calling dibs on Robin.

Ron Livingston

Wan said that he approached making the film as if it were actually being made in the 1970s (the period the movie takes place).  Lili Taylor said that the child actors were “like on a six-week sleepover” and kept the adult actors sane.  Wan said that he still appreciates his indie roots, as does the cast.  That marked the end of the panel.  For a movie I didn’t even know about until this past Friday, I’m actually looking forward to its release next summer (please let the reviews be good).

From left to right: Ron Livingston, Lili Taylor, Patrick Wilson, and James Wan.

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