The Franklin Institute

Admittedly, this place was not on my radar when planning my visit to Philadelphia.  However, on my first day, I kept seeing flags that read “Dead Sea Scrolls.”  It turned out to be a special exhibition at the Franklin Institute.  Seeing that it was one of the stops on the Big Bus Tour, I figured I’d give it a look.  I went early on Wednesday morning so that I could catch a 9 a.m. showing of Finding Nemo in 3-D (which was separate from the general admission).  The screening took place inside the Franklin Theater.

Afterward, I wandered into a section called “Amazing Machine.”  I was quite surprised when I saw that they had an actual automaton on display (kind of similar to the one in 2011’s Hugo).

I was also surprised when I saw that one of the other machines had a film clip as a demonstration of what that machine was designed to do.  Specifically, what surprised me was that the clip came from a Fritz Lang film: 1927’s Metropolis.

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